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aglobal destination wedding marketing agency

Expect us to want to spend some time with your business as we believe that in order to serve you best we have to understand your culture, vision and mission


It may be defined as a destination wedding marketing agency with a goal to help wedding industry professionals - whether based in the Jamaica or elsewhere on the globe - meet and exceed their marketing goals. We intend to do this by researching, planning and implementing cost-effective, transparent solutions that are geared to help each organization stand out from the crowd in their sector and achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).

Expect us to want to spend some time with your business as we believe that in order to serve you best we have to understand your culture, vision and mission – not just what is on the wall, but what is. So to really answer the question, ‘What is DWM? We can proudly tell you, it is your partner to success in an evolving, but ever more glorious destination wedding marketplace.



Couples who travel abroad to celebrate their marriages are looking for fairytale weddings and unforgettable memories. They spend an exorbitant amount of time imagining, planning, and booking their dream experiences, and researching options across a variety of platforms.

Brides typically browse wedding magazines, websites, and trade shows in addition to social-sharing websites and destination-specific websites before deciding on a destination.







In order to attract honeymooners, visibility of destinations need to understand and engage with their target audience.

A presence in industry-specific media can greatly improve the In order to attract honeymooners, visibility of destinations

The wedding industry publishes magazines, maintains websites, and hosts expositions for engaged couples. Once a couple is aware of your destination or knows what to search for, destination websites will be their primary source of information. Readily providing infor- mation directly related to their key decision factors including weather, cuisine, types of accommodation, activities, natural scenery, and budget considerations will dramatically increase likelihood to book, provide word-of-mouth activity generated, and send traffic to a destination.

so, how can you attract your share of the growing domestic destination wedding market?

Honeymoons, destination weddings and romantic tourism comprise a $70 billion industry worldwide. Inspired by luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime trip

opportunities, couples are willing to spend signifi- cantly more for their weddings and honeymoons than for other holidays.

The modern face of destination weddings is evolving. Today’s events are characterized by shorter planning timelines, smaller guest lists, and more accessible budgets. They are often family friendly, and are usually full weekend experiences. The length of the experiences, in particular, is advantageous for events professionals who can extend their services to rehearsal dinners, welcome receptions, local excursions, and post-wedding celebrations along with traditional ceremonies and receptions.

As a wedding or honeymoon destination, the Carib- bean is idyllic. Countless couples visit the islands every year to live their dream of getting married or having their honeymoon here. This presents a ready-made market for wedding and honeymoon focused travel businesses in the Caribbean. But it also engenders a highly competitive space, which means that if you want to be the company that couples select for their wedding or honeymoon, you need to get in front of the competition.

In order to do so, you must:

  • Know your audience

  • Engage and interact

  • Communicate why they should choose you

  • Deliver the best possible content

  • Detail what sets you apart from the rest


Did you know?

Destination Wedding couples are spending between $10,000 to $28,000 + 

~ Destination Wedding parties average between an eloping couples, to an average of about 40 guests, per wedding…and in some cases a takeover of the entire resort..especially when it is a South Asian Destination Wedding

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